What it all means

We offer a wide variety of possible features on the sites we build.
Please see the packages page for details of which features are available on which packages.


In the context of web design, 'accessibility' means ensuring that your site can be read easily by the widest possible range of visitors, including the partially sighted. It's now a legal requirement that your site be made fully accessible.

In practice, this means structuring the site so that the text can easily be zoomed in (using standard browser features, for clients with degraded eyesight who can still get by without special assistance), and that it can be read by screen readers (sophisticated software programs that act as text-to-speech web browsers, reading out the text of your website to users who can't read it themselves).

All our sites are designed with the very highest standards for accessibility in mind, and to work effectively, both with screen readers and without.

Branch practice pages

If you have branch practices, we can create special pages on the site to accommodate their information. Each branch practice page will contain, at a minimum, contact details for the practice, plus any supporting information you want to add.

Branch practice mini sites

If you have larger branch practices that you feel deserve a little more attention (and advertising) then instead of a single page we can offer 'mini-sites', each with their own sub-domain name.
These sites can consist of up to 5 pages each, and will be hosted on a web address like 'branch.yourpractice.co.uk';

'Contact Us' page

Silver and Gold packages provide an enhanced 'Contact Us' page, which not only displays full address and contact details for your practice, but also includes an online form to allow visitors to send messages, suggestions and queries to the practice.

Copy Writing

We understand how busy the typical vet practice is, and that it can be difficult to make time to put together the information for a project like a web site.

We offer a copy-writing service so that you can supply whatever text and images you've got, and we'll put the rest together, simply leaving you with the task of approving what we've done (or asking us to make changes!).

This service is charged at our standard hourly rate (see pricing).

Custom design

For clients who wish a little more customisation, perhaps to fit in with existing branding, we offer a custom design service.

We can create customised templates specifically for your practice, designed with your branding in mind and using your logo if available - we can even create you a logo if you don't have one.

This service is charged at our standard hourly rate (see pricing).


Bronze and Silver package buyers can choose one from a set of website templates that we offer.

The Gold package includes a custom design for your website; we'll take into account your wishes and any existing branding that your practice has, and come up with a design that suits you.

Domain names

Domain names are the familiar addresses assigned to websites - for instance 'www.google.com' or 'www.acme-vets.co.uk'.

As part of your package, we include provision of a domain name, which we'll help you choose. We'll handle the purchase process and all the necessary administration.
All you have to do is tell us what address you ideally want; we'll purchase it if it's available, or if not, we'll suggest some domain names that might suit you and you can choose which one we set up.

If you already have an existing domain name (from a previous website or email hosting arrangement), we can transfer it in for you; just give us the details and we'll handle it.

Downloadable documents

You can provide us with documents you'd like to make available on the site (typically in the common PDF format, but also Word documents etc); we'll make sure that your visitors can download them.

Monthly Promo

We can offer Gold package owners the ability to edit a special 'Monthly Promo' page, used to inform your clients about any special offers you're offering.

Of course, you're free to update it as often as you like, not just once a month!

News pages

Gold package owners gain the ability to add articles to a chronologically-ordered news feed.

Having regularly updated content on your web site shows your clients and site visitors that you're interested in keeping the site up-to-date and relevant. It allows you to announce your events (puppy parties etc), and keep your clients informed about staffing changes, seasonal information and so on.

News pages also feature RSS - a technology that allows readers using special software to subscribe to your news updates so that they receive them automatically when you add a news item.

Online client registration form

Silver and Gold packages include an online form which prospective clients can fill in and print to provide basic details of themselves and their pets.

By providing this form on arrival at the practice, the registration process can be shortened, leading to more efficient usage of receptionists' time.

Online prescription ordering

At Active Vet we're very aware of just how busy the average vet surgery really is; a constant flow of customers coming through the door, with everything from emergency ops to puppy vaccinations. Wouldn't it be nice just to concentrate on the urgent stuff and let things like prescription ordering take care of themselves?

Now you can.
We offer an online prescription ordering system that lets your customers fill in the details of what they need for their pet and send the information directly to you, all without having to come in to the practice. Once the information's been sent in to the system, the customer will be informed that their prescription will be ready in X working days (where X is a value you can set depending how busy your practice is).


The Bronze and Silver packages each entitle you to a set number of pages on your site; each page can contain as much content as you'd like (including images).

The Gold package allows you to create an unlimited number of pages on the site and edit the content within those pages as much as you'd like (see updates).

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer a full Search Engine Optimisation service to our clients. Optimising your site like this helps you to make sure that your information is written and organised in a way that's easy for search engines (like Google) to find, read and index - directly resulting in more visitors to your site and more clients.

Because of the complex nature of SEO and the time required to analyse the statistics and make appropriate changes to the site, we offer SEO both as an ongoing service charged at our usual hourly rate (see pricing).


We offer a fully-integrated online shop system, allowing you to offer products for sale to your clients and other visitors, both directly making you money and also reducing the workload of your receptionists.

The shop software we offer works smoothly and easily with the PayPal online payment gateway; that means you don't have to handle any credit card details or transactions and no sensitive customer information needs to be stored on the site.


Owners of Bronze package websites can request updates to the content of their sites (text and images) by email or on the 'phone; we'll carry these updates out for you and invoice you (see pricing).

The Silver package includes 'Content management' capability - this means we give you a username and password which will let you 'log in' and edit the content of the website without our intervention.

Gold package owners get the same 'log in' abilities as Silver, but with the added ability to add as many new pages to the website as you want.

Video streaming

If you've got video content you'd like to make visible on the site, we can do it! We'll set it up so that a video player is embedded in a box on the page, right there amongst the rest of your content, and the video can be streamed direct to it - no waiting for downloads.

Visitor statistics

We offer a full statistics / analytics package based on the Google Analytics suite. This powerful software allows you to easily see how popular your site is and which pages generate the most interest, which lets you tweak the right pieces of content to make the site more relevant as time goes on.

Analytics is particularly useful when purchasing the online shop, as it'll let you see which products customers are looking at, in addition to your sales figures, letting you see easily if you should lower a product's price, or make the supporting information clearer or more attractive.