First steps

How do I get started?

So, you're interested in buying from Active Vet - great! In order to proceed, please follow the simple steps below and we'll get you a website running A.S.A.P.

  1. Decide on a package
  2. Choose a template (for Bronze and Silver packages)
  3. Select any additional features you want
  4. Have a look at the pricing page and fill in the calculator
  5. Give us a call or send an email (contact us) if you need us to answer any questions
  6. Print the order form from the pricing page
  7. To send the form to us, either
    1. send the form to us (the address is on the form and on the contact us page), or
    2. press the 'Send to Active Vet' button, fill in the contact details we ask for, and the form will be emailed to us.
  8. We'll call you to confirm (or email, if that's what you chose on the form)

After those steps are complete, all we need from you is the content you want on the site (text and images, primarily) and we can get started.